• Memorial Skate Park

    The Zelienople Memorial Skate park will honor the memory of Trevor Barkley, Elijah Lunsford, Sam Bucci and Geoff Gutzwiller. It will be built near the swimming pool. We have raised over $107,000, but we need close to $400,000 to make it happen. Please consider donating to this park. Children need a place to go, we can give it to them! View Skate Park Plan

  • Pool Membership

    Please consider giving a Pool Membership as a gift.  You can get a great deal with the "early bird" discount by signing up by March 15, 2014.  To contact the pool, please call (724) 452-5208.

  • WiFi at the Pool

    WiFi has now been installed at the POOL.  If you are on the deck of the pool, eating lunch outside of the pool, at the PeeWee field, in the park, on the T-Ball fields, and even on the tennis will be able to get the FREE WiFi.....this was all made possible by Armstrong who DONATED the installation and the service.  Now, many working Moms & Dads will be able to "work" from the pool..  Thank you all at Armstrong!

  • Tree of Life

    NEW memorial rocks have been placed at the base of the FOTP Tree of Life in the babypool area.  If you have donated any money toward Jim Zeigler or Karyn Bowman or Louis Drescher's memorial funds, please stop by to look at their bronze rock that is afixed at the base of the tree. These three people were outstanding people in our community that served the town, parks and pool. New leaves have also been placed on the tree if you have purchased one.  Please consider purchasing a copper, bronze or gold leaf for a family member, neighbor, friend, teacher, etc....these can be in honor OR in memory of anyone you know.  Tree of Life Order Form

  • Park Rules and Regulations

    Amendments to the park rules and regulations were approved by the Zelienople Borough Council on July 25, 2011.  Amendments were made to the park hours, amplification and sound systems, tobacco free zone, and to an age 12 and under play zone.  The new park rules and regulations can be found here:  Rules and Regulations for Park use and ConductView Pool Rules.

  • Zelienople Area Swim Club

    The Zelienople Area Swim Club is a community swim team based at the Zelienople Park for those who are interested in a fun, competitive swim environment.

  • Park Master Plan

    Take a look at our future park. Help make it happen, donate today!  View Park Master Plan

  • Pool Renovations

    Exciting renovations are in store for the pool. View Pool Plan

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